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Lost Spirits Distillery

Earlier this month, before the world went entirely crazy, we had the opportunity to visit

Lost Spirits Distillery for my husband's birthday with a group of our close friends.

As we began our tour, it was like entering into an adult Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. If oompa-loompas had brought us our whiskey tasting no one would have been surprised.

What they have created in this hidden (or not so hidden now) gem, is a true passion and sense of wonderment that infuses the tour with enthusiasm and childlike joy.

The team here has gone all in to make this experience truly mesmerizing and unforgettable. It begins with a tasting in a beautiful outdoor room, followed by a jungle-type maze as you head to your next stops. Then you get on a boat - yes, you heard me, where you listen to more stories of how Lost Spirits came to be.

This tour involves multiple locations and again without spoiling too much the transportation they use is superbly redesigned to reflect the aesthetic of Lost Spirits and after this tour no party bus will ever look good enough ever again.You truly cannot do it justice without experiencing the surprise and mystique in real-time. Every stop includes some type of talk from one of their staff members, who were all just wonderful, and some great storytelling thrown in.

There are truly twists and turns at every corner and the technology used here is state of the art. You feel like you've gone from Alice in Wonderland's to the Jungle Cruise to a top secret laboratory all within the span of two hours - and all while consuming some incredible spirits. In my opinion, there is truly nothing like this that feels immersive, while also catering to a wide array of people. I would highly recommend booking a tour, and seeing the magic for yourself!

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