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Local Favorite: Squeeze Massage

I was so excited when I read about the Squeeze concept early this year, and quickly joined their mailing list for more updates. Once the grand opening was announced, I booked myself a massage for opening day. I opted for the chair massage as I was coming after work and wanted to test the waters and check out the concept, and boy am I hooked! There is ample street parking on this stretch of Ventura Blvd and a private lot in the back. Once parked, I walked in, signed the waiver, and was walked through the facility as they explained the process. This place is full of beautiful moments, and plenty of Instagram worthy walls! I loved the attention to detail, from the Drybar products in the bathroom, to the flavored water, tea, nuts and jelly beans available as you wait in the lounge. You even get to select your own scent to be used during your massage. I love how everything is based on personal preference, not one size fits all! After selecting my scent, I was greeted by Heather, who was just lovely, so friendly, and communicative as I sat down and began my massage. She made sure to ask if the pressure was comfortable, or if she could adjust anything. The massage was great, and I felt so relaxed afterward. The entire process, from booking online, setting my customizations and preferences, and paying/tipping after was all SO easy and stress free. You can do everything via the Squeeze app which eliminates any post-massage hassle trying to handle payment. I work for a company that values guest experience, and overall experiences over anything, and Squeeze has absolutely nailed the guest experience. I enjoyed my initial massage so much, I ended up scheduling pre-wedding 50 minute massage which was incredible. The longer massages take place in a private room with full customization from lighting, music and temperature. They even offer little details like hair ties, phone chargers and mints. I can't wait to be back, and so glad for this addition to the neighborhood.

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