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Night Out: The Green Room Burbank

I heard about The Green Room on Instagram just a few months ago, and since I just bought a house in Burbank last year, figured this would be the perfect place to host my birthday this year! We reached out to TGR about a month ago to make arrangements for our large party to come this past Saturday to celebrate my birthday, and I am so glad we did! The day of the reservation, they send you a text with instructions to pull up to valet and tell them you're there for TGR and your VIP host will be waiting for you. As you walk into Castaway, you are instructed to go behind the ropes into The Green Room, and are greeted by a hostess who tells you to grab a glass of complimentary Absinthe from the bar. The entire inside is a gorgeous, luxurious, intimate and secret feeling lounge area, with large and comfortable seating areas all throughout. The bar was gorgeous, and the décor was very well done. They have salt lamps on every table, and even the menus are gorgeous! They immediately showed us our reserved area, which was a super generous space for our group, and we quickly settled in and began making our cocktail selections. Between all of us in the group, I think we ordered every specialty cocktail they offer - including The Belle, El Mariachi, The Flying Dutchman, and my personal favorite The Short Round, which I ordered. The Short Round, which is Indiana Jones inspired, is served in a medium sized chest, and upon opening it, you see a skull brimming with dry ice, your cocktail in one corner, and a special blood orange paste in the other corner (this was to use if you wanted to sweeten/smooth out the taste of the drink).

Our server for the evening was so kind, and super attentive throughout the whole evening. She was always available if we needed something and took great care in making sure we were happy. Then, I was surprised with the giant Midnight in Paris dessert that was brought out for our guests to enjoy. I have to say, for being a new establishment, of course there are still a few kinks (the DJ packed up long before the night was even over, which we were a little confused about) we were really impressed with The Green Room and we all agreed it was a great experience. We definitely plan to come back to try some of the food and other cocktails very soon, and I thank The Green Room for making my birthday this year so special and memorable.

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