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We bought a house!

Alright fam - it seems that I keep having major life events happen that have prevented me from dedicating time to the site. I promise that will change, but between getting engaged, wedding planning, opening a major property for work and this latest development, I have been trying to live in the now and soak in every moment. Which leads me to today's exciting (albeit delayed) announcement - - we bought a house!

We had been looking all over the area, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Glendale and Burbank just wasn't on our radar for a really long time, which is funny since my fiance works in Burbank! The house was initially on the market a few months prior to us seeing it, and we had saved it to favorites on Zillow and then noticed it sold really fast. Okay, onto the next we thought, we had seen dozens and dozens of houses at this point so it was not a shock at all. Then a few months later, we happened to be in Burbank and Stephen was looking at his phone and said "Hey, do you remember this house?" and showed me his phone with the photo of the lovely and inviting exterior of that home from many months ago. Turns out, it was back on the market and was just posted back online just an hour before...and on top of that, it was having an open house THAT day. We decided to hang around in Burbank until the open house started, but honestly, since we had seen so many houses already, I didn't get my hopes up AT ALL. So many homes just aren't what they seem when you actually see them in person, so why would this one be any different I thought?

We pulled up with my parents and parked outside, and as we entered there was something that just struck me immediately. As we walked from room to room, I was immediately picturing us living there, spending holidays there, settling in there. We spent 2+ hours with the agent and submitted an offer just the next day. After a few short days, and some feelings of doubt knowing that other offers had come in, we just prayed for God's will to be done. I was sitting in my office when I got the call - we got the house. It felt so surreal because I was preparing myself to be disappointed and to have to settle for something else, and keep searching. Thank God for bringing us back to reality and showing us who is really in charge!

We closed on the house at the end of August and immediately started a slew of home improvement projects - taming the yard, adding new electrical panels, finishing the garage, painting the entire inside of the house (my husband to be is a painting machine), ripping up the grass in the back and turning it into a courtyard oasis complete with rocks, pavers and a long table with string lights hanging above. That is a very short summary of the months of work we put in to make the house even better than when we found it, and it truly feels like a dream. Our dream!

On top of everything, we found out the home was owned by Roy Disney, which for us was just the sweet topping on an already thrilling adventure. We have chosen to add little Disney elements throughout the house to pay tribute to the Disney legacy, one that so closely aligns with our personal style!

I will be doing some interior decorating posts in the near future, but we have finally finished most of the interior decor and are so excited to get this place decorated for the holidays. We had a housewarming party around Halloween and the house just lends itself perfectly to entertaining. It is just an incredible feeling investing in something and reaping the rewards tenfold. We had our first Halloween in the house as well which was an absolute blast and we have since dubbed our house Clybourn Manor for many Halloweens to come. We are immensely grateful. More to come on the house in the coming months!

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