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Saturday Outing: Echo Park & Silver Lake In 10 Stops!

Today, we embark on a full Echo Park and Silver Lake adventure, with a few main stops, and several smaller stops mixed in. Keep reading to get some inspiration for your next Echo Park/Silver Lake adventure!

Stop 1 – I was so excited to come to Echo Lake for our first stop of the day. We grabbed Starbucks on our drive over, and arrived a little early to walk around the lake. There are ducks, geese and turtles all over the place, so it makes for a fun place to wander around. The main attraction at this stop are the paddleboats! They have been recently swapped out and they are all Swan boats now, which makes for such a cute photo opportunity! The boats are operated by Wheel Fun Rentals, and you check in with them upon arrival, pay for your boat and you’re off. The cost is $11 per person, for an hour, so $22 for two people. It's a little pricey in my opinion, but worth it to check it off your bucket list, and a great leg workout! The lake is so beautiful and provides a wonderful backdrop for your boat adventure. Definitely recommend you try it at least once if you’re planning to be in the area. My tip is to arrive when they open to avoid lines and crowds on the weekend – plus, you get the lake mostly to yourself!

Stop 2 – Off to Mohawk Bend for brunch! We arrived around 10am and found a metered spot on the street. We were greeted immediately and sat in the back room. Our server was great and attentive, and made sure we were well taken care of. We ordered two brunch items to split - the Avocado Toast, the Breakfast Burrito, and the Cider Mimosa. All was great, and the perfect two items to split for a little taste of a few things. This is a great brunch spot if you’re in the area!

Stops 3 through 7 - Visited the Bedrock LA wall mural, the Sunset Junction for coffees from Intelligensia Coffee, traversed over to the Music Box Stairs, saw the most interesting secret LADWP parkland facility, and enjoyed perusing all the local area has to offer.

Stop 8 - Time for dinner! We headed over to Hyperion Public Silver Lake for some good happy deals and fun ambiance. We opted to sit in the upper bar area, which is a dimly lit space with mostly candlelight to light the room. We grabbed some drinks on happy hour, the margarita and the old fashioned ($5 each!) and the blueberry wings ($5) and F yeah fries ($7). The fries were SO good, topped with a spicy cheese buffalo dip. We then ordered the CWA (chicken with attitude) sandwich with tater tots to split. The sandwich had a great blend of flavors and the sweet potato tater tots were some of the best I've had, I could not stop eating them! Great prices with the happy hour going on, and super nice ambiance. My tip is to come here before the dinner rush on weekends!

Stop 9 - Like we really needed more food.....but believe it or not, I have been wanting to try Milk for quite some time now, and have never been in! We were scavenging for some dessert this weekend and found that there was one nearby where we were, so we headed over! I opted for the fruity pebbles ice cream sandwich. It was AMAZING. The flavors were incredible, and it tasted super fresh. I would highly recommend Milk and can't wait to come back in the summer for a sweet treat!

Stop 10 - The Chandelier Tree! Been hearing about this for some time now, and we figured this would be the perfect way to end the evening. Super sparkly and a cute neighborhood to drive through!

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