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Saturday Outing: Mermaid Museum

Mermaids are real. At least that's what I learned after our trip to the pop-up Mermaid Museum at Goya Studios over the weekend. The POPSUGAR x Freeform Mermaid Museum popped up to promote the new Freeform show "Siren" and to pay tribute to all things mermaid. Siren takes an eerie approach to the mythical creature, so there were some dark twists to be expected. You began with a walk through the Bristol Cove Mermaid Shop, an artifact-filled shop inspired by the show, and continue on to a photo op that lets you look like a mermaid floating in an underwater garden. The pop-up also included a room with 360-degree projections of underwater life, an interactive sequin scale wall, and several mermaid-themed photo opportunities.

But the main event, was a “live” mermaid in a 48,000-gallon tank, swimming around and terrorizing the guests as they stood in complete awe of what they were seeing. See video clip here.

Unfortunately, since this was just a pop-up, it is no longer there, but I wanted to share some of the amazing photos of my experience. And don't forget - mermaids are real.

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