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Local Favorite: Brennan's Turtle Racing

Came to Brennan's for the first time last night to check out the famous turtle races! They do Turtle Racing on the third Thursday of the month, beginning at 9pm. There are definitely a few pros and cons to this Marina Del Rey gem, so I am breaking it all down below!

PROS: -This place is a gem, and has some great and fun ambiance. We arrived around 7pm and grabbed a great table outside. -The drinks were on point (I got the pineapple under the sea cocktail, and other friends got beers which they all said were excellent) -The pizzas were really, really good. We ordered several for the table to share, but the pepperoni and the favorite were excellent. -Turtle racing is just a hilarious thing to do on a Thursday night and it was a really fun outing/novel thing to do with friends.

CONS: -There is VERY minimal parking in the lot (10-15 spots max) so we had to find parking on a neighboring street. We got lucky and were able to park, but there was not much available otherwise! -The turtle racing nights get SO packed. It gets pretty insane, you're sitting at a table one moment, and the next, people are shoving into you from all sides, trying to steal your seat if you get up for a second, and standing in front of your table blocking your view. I definitely think they could regulate it a bit better. Also, we went back to try to get another drink and my boyfriend waited in line for 20+ mins and didn't even get close to ordering, so we decided one round of drinks was enough. It's definitely something I'm glad we did once!

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