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Night Out: Pacific Seas

I have been hearing about the illustrious Pacific Seas for some time now - in fact, the secret tiki bar nestled on the top floor of Clifton's Cafeteria in Downtown LA has quite the following. Word has it that the ultimate architect of dreamy establishments, Walt Disney, was a huge Clifton's Cafeteria fan back in the 1930's, and that it informed and inspired what he created at Disneyland. This was more than enough to peak my interest, and let's be honest, if I hear secret tiki bar, I'm in.

So we decided to give it a go, arriving on a Saturday evening right when they opened at 6pm, and I am so glad we did. Upon check in at the main hostess booth on the ground floor, you are given a token that looks like pieces of eight, and you are already feeling the Disney connection. You're instructed to go to the 3rd floor and go behind the looking glass. SO fun! Once you find the elusive "looking glass," you push it inward and are transported into a tiki dream, known as Pacific Seas.

With a large boat in the center of the room serving as the main bar, the décor is incredibly well curated, and the space was dimly lit, and so festive. The space is intimate, so you truly feel like you've stumble on one of LA's hidden gems. We ordered several of the specialty tiki drinks from the Chi Chi, to the Blue Hawaii to the Scorpion Bowl! All packed a great punch and were presented beautifully. I cannot say enough about our time here that evening. You truly feel like you took a brief escape from the real world into a tropical and mysterious oasis.

Not to mention, there are stuffed lions in one of the dining rooms that you can take a peek at when you exit. Great Saturday night escape!

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