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Weekend Trip Part 2: Paso Robles Wine Tasting

To continue the narrative from our weekend away, I wanted to feature two of my favorite wineries in the Paso Robles area. Similar to Cambria, we have been coming up to Paso for years now. They have changed and grown over the years, and house hundreds of vineyards and wineries throughout their inland terrain. The climate is always a bit warmer than the typical 65 degrees in Cambria, so you can usually ditch the jacket and opt for a simple sweater in the Winter!

My first favorite is Castoro Cellars, nestled off the 46 fwy on an expansive property. I have been coming to Castoro with my parents since I was a kid! So it seems appropriate now that I'm an adult, that Castoro is still one of my favorite wineries on the Central Coast. I like getting there around when they open, because you end up having most of the place to yourself and avoid the wine tasting crowds. The property is really lovely to walk around and they have a great tasting room with a comfy couch, gift items and perfectly sized area for tasting. I like that this place isn’t a massive winery, but much more family friendly and the staff is always so nice and knowledgeable. Oh, almost forgot the best part. The tasting fee is $5 a person and you get to taste 7 WINES! I have never found a tasting at this price point that offers such a variety. They also waive the tasting fee if you buy any bottle. Castoro has maintained its integrity over the years and because of that I will keep coming back, and encourage you to check them out!

Next up, my other favorite, is Bianchi Winery. Bianchi is a charming winery a little off the beaten path in Paso Robles. This is my go-to picnic spot as they have an expansive patio right next to a lovely pond with koi fish. The patio is super comfortable, and perfect for a big picnic lunch. We have tasted here many times, and I favor their whites, even though I tend to be a red wine gal. Their Sauvignon Blanc is definitely my choice for a lunchtime picnic. It’s such a great place, friendly staff, lovely indoor fireplace and gift shop, great outdoor areas and they even brought us some fish food to feed the koi! Check them out next time you’re up in the area!

What are your favorite wine tasting destinations? If you're planning a visit to Paso Robles, make sure to check out the Trave Paso site!

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