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Saturday Day Trip: The Loop Churros

As many of you know, I am a bit of a Disneyland enthusiast, and as such, we try to get down to Anaheim for some Disney fun at least once every few months. A few weeks ago, during the peak of the heat, we headed out for the day to grab some drinks at Trader Sams (helloooo favorite Tiki bar) and then headed over to check out The Loop Churros, which I had been seeing on social media for months and decided it was finally time to try it out!

The Loop is located located in a strip mall in Westminster and they are quite the popular spot. We arrived around 2pm and there was a line out the door, but the staff kept it moving really quickly. They also have a thing where you can take photos while you wait in line which is a great idea to keep people engaged. They are currently doing Mermaid themed special items, which I could not resist! I got the Mermaid chilled loop which is a churro dipped in blueberry sauce and sprinkles, in a soft serve cup with some candies on top. I also had to try the Mermaid sparkle lemonade which was a blueberry lemonade that shimmered. Lastly, they had a multicolored Beyoncé lemonade so we had to try that too. Not only were the lemonades great, but they were so pretty and the plastic bottle is great to keep at home and take to the gym! This is truly an instagrammers paradise! The prices are more than reasonable and it's definitely a memorable place. I would definitely recommend stopping by The Loop to check out all of their offerings. It's a must try if you're in the area.

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