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Night Out: Hamptons 818

I am no stranger to the Ventura Blvd strip and I love finding new restaurants to try out and add to my repertoire! I tried out Hamptons 818 the other night and absolutely LOVED it! From the overall ambiance, to the food, to the fun custom cocktails, I would definitely recommend any and all locals come check it out. Conveniently located on the strip, it was pretty easy to find a metered spot right outside, but valet is also available.

The ambiance transports you to the Hamptons with this awesome indoor/outdoor feel, great tables, decor, and a huge chandelier and other lovely light fixtures throughout. We went for happy hour and ended up getting cocktails and appetizers. I tried both the blueberry and melon hard lemonades, which were excellent, vibrant and did not skimp on the alcohol. All of the specialty cocktails looked great as well.

We got the 818 wings (comes with celery, carrots and ranch, SO good) and two orders of the Vibe nachos (homemade pita chips, melted feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes & jalapenos – YUM YUM YUM). Oh, did I mention that everything on the happy hour menu is $5? No complaints here folks. We got several cocktails and 3 appetizers for less than $40!

The staff were great and attentive and I can’t wait to head back to try more things on the menu!

Total side note - I am absolutely OBSESSED with this off the shoulder blue and white striped dress. I got it for a complete steal and it will be on repeat in my summer wardrobe. I thought it was the perfect dress for a night pretending I was in the Hamptons!


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