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Cove Bar - California Adventure

It’s time to talk about one of my favorite places. COVE BAR!

I went to Cove Bar for the first time a few years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite spots within Disney's California Adventure. As a long-time Disneyland fan, and someone who loves California Adventure even more, the addition of Cove Bar on Paradise Pier overlooking the ferris wheel and the water was the perfect missing piece. Nice outdoor atmosphere, good food and custom Disney-themed cocktails on a secret menu, what more could you want?

Let’s break it down.

The Line:

There is almost always a wait to get into Cove Bar. It’s just a known fact. However, there are things you can do to ensure you have better odds of getting in sooner than later.

  • Go on a weekday (waits are traditionally much shorter overall, and we have found we typically wait less than 40 mins during the week)

  • Go on off-peak hours (don’t make a trip right during typical lunch or dinner hours if you can avoid it. We like to go mid-afternoon to secure our seat, and hang out for a few hours)

The Ambiance:

I love the ambiance at Cove Bar. All seating is outdoors, and I am a sucker for good outdoor seating. You have your choice of regular tables, high tops or sitting at the bar. We have sat different places each time we have gone and have never had an issue with the seating. I actually enjoy the bar because you have a good view out at the water, the ferris wheel, and you can watch as they create your specialty concoctions!

The Drinks:

This is the primary reason we came to Cove Bar for the first time. We kept hearing about this great place that not only served cocktails, but had a secret menu of Disney themed libations. We had to try it, and we have been coming back ever since! They have a fairly large cocktail menu by itself, but you have to know what to ask for on the secret menu. I have tried many of the secret menu items, and they are all fabulous and colorful!

Here are my three favorites:

  • The SeaWitch (raspberry vodka, blue curacao, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and soda water)

  • The Neverland Tea (vodka, gin, light rum, peach schnapps, midori, blue curacao, pineapple juice and sprite)

  • The Zombie (coconut rum, light rum, dark rum, spiced rum, 151-proof rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine)

My boyfriend however, is obsessed with the smoked turkey cocktail (Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, Red Stag black cherry bourbon, grenadine, and lemonade with a hint of hickory smoke) and he gets it every single time, it packs a major alcoholic punch!

The Food:

Cove Bar offers a small assortment of appetizer style food options, and though it is a small offering, the options are really good. For anyone who knows me, you know I love nachos. But good nachos are often hard to find. Of course, we tried the nachos the first time we went a few years ago, and have been hooked ever since. They are easily in my top three favorite nachos of all time. They are on the menu as lobster nachos, but I am actually allergic to shellfish, so don’t be afraid to ask for a substitution! We always get it with either chicken or tri-tip, but tri-tip is my absolute favorite version. They come with beans, pico de gallo, peppers and cheese, and I still try to replicate the chipotle crema they put over the top because it is absolutely sublime. Additionally, the quesadilla rolls are amazing. They are filled with chicken, onions, peppers and mozzarella cheese and the flavors are excellent.

Whether you’re an annual passholder like me, or just planning a Disneyland trip, I would highly suggest working Cove Bar into your agenda. You won’t be sorry!

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