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Product Feature: Pressed Juicery x Vogue

Have you heard about the Pressed Juicery and VOGUE collaboration?

Pressed has rolled out two new jewel-tone elixirs: Blue and Pink Lemonade, the latest limited-edition collaboration in honor of Vogue’s 125th anniversary. These are not your standard lemonades either. Each one, has a vibrant and distinct taste, while sporting a special bottle with the Vogue logo. The Blue version gets its electric aquamarine glow from spirulina, a type of algae rich in minerals and antioxidants, along with lemongrass and honey rounding out the ingredients list. The Pink is full of superfruits—camu camu, pitaya, and goji berry (yes, those are all real things!) topped with a splash of rose water.

I have to say it's the colors that really draw you in, along with the great branding that Pressed Juicery always seems to have. I opted for the Blue Lemonade, and was left feeling refreshed and satisfied. These would be super fun to experiment with as mixers for some uber-colorful summer cocktails. What do you think?

Check them out at your local Pressed Juicery for a limited time now and spread the health / / #PressedJuiceryxVogue

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