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Saturday Day Trip: Aquarium of the Pacific

It’s that time again…..

We made our way down to Long Beach this past Saturday to check out the Aquarium of the Pacific, and we had a blast! I haven’t been in years, so it was fun to see what has changed and it seems like they have made so many improvements!

We parked in the main structure ($8 with validation all day) and headed in around 9:15am. This is the ideal time to arrive because the crowds haven’t started to arrive yet. We headed straight to the outdoor area first which is comprised of various ecosystems, shark and stingray touch-tanks, jellyfish touch-tanks, seals and sea lions and penguins! This is my favorite area of the entire aquarium because you get to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather and so much of it is interactive, especially with the touch-tanks. I still can’t believe I touched a shark!

The great thing about the layout and programming of the aquarium is that there are programs and talks that happen throughout the whole day. We were able to catch an overview of the sharks, the seal and sea lion training show, the otter show, watched a diver in two different tanks and listened to their talk and explanation of the habitat. This is such a cool part of the aquarium, because beyond just seeing the exhibits, you are able to learn from the experts and have a more interactive overall experience. Watching the seal and sea lion training was so much fun, as well as watching the penguins walk and swim around. You just feel like you’ve been transported into another world for the day.

The indoor exhibits are incredible. They are broken up into different galleries and are well curated and maintained. Every time we turned a corner we would see something fascinating. The jellyfish are another amazing component of the Aquarium. They have a large collection of different species, and even have a jellyfish touch lab outside.

The outdoor gift store was really well laid out and had some really cute items. I just really enjoyed the whole layout of the place and felt it flowed really well during our day there.

I would highly recommend making a trip!

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