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Friday Inspiration: Invest in those who invest in you

This quote rings true for me in so many ways. The last few years have shown me a clear divide of who I can rely on and who I need to leave in the past. It's pretty incredible what happens to your friendships when you truly invest in those specific people, and they invest the same time back. Friendships can never sustain themselves if they are one-sided, and they leave one person completely unfulfilled. Living by the words in this quote has changed the game in my friendships. It has allowed me to realize how incredibly grateful I am for the people in my life who have the same investment in our friendship as I do.

As we head into the weekend, I would challenge you to ponder this question. Who in my life brings me joy? Who celebrates my victories and helps me through my trials? Who reaches out to me just as much as I do to them? Are there any people in my life who allow me to carry the weight of the friendship? Do they only reach out when I initiate?

Be grateful for those in your life who have proved they should be in it. And for the rest, be gracious, but move on.

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