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Saturday Day Trip: Orange County

It’s time for another Saturday Day Trip, Orange County edition!

Last Saturday, we embarked on an all-day adventure, complete with a Starbucks drive-thru run and appropriate music playlists. After about an hour and a half in the car, we had reached our first destination of the day, The Irvine Spectrum Center. For a mega-shopping center, I have to say I really like the Irvine Spectrum. First of all, they have free parking! I am used to always having to pay for parking or valet, so this is always a welcome change! They have ample parking in several structures around the property, with a lot of signage to direct you. There are tons of retailers and dining options and it ranges from sit-down places to fast casual, but there is definitely something for everyone. We arrived before the center opened, and enjoyed just walking through before it got busy. We happened upon an outdoor lounge area right by the giant wheel. It was so relaxing!

Once the center opened, we headed right for guest services as we had read they offer a discount app for out of town customers. They gave us the information and we downloaded the app that had several offers for the retailers on property. From there, it was time for a fun mid-morning snack, so we stopped into Pressed Juicery to pick up our free mini juices (I love this new promotion, check out the Pressed Juicery Facebook and website regularly to sign up!) and got ourselves a freeze to split (I am obsessed with the freezes, the raspberries and cacao drizzle are my go-to toppings!) This was the perfect way to kick off a warm day.

Next up, we decided to put some birthday rewards to use and head over to Dave & Buster’s for some silly fun. This is by far the best Dave & Buster's location I’ve seen! This location is HUGE. Not to mention it has several large eating areas, plus the huge gaming room, and another bar inside the gaming area. We ended up redeeming the birthday reward and a $20 extra gameplay reward, which got us over $50 in free game play. We arrived toward the beginning of the morning after they opened and let me tell you, this is the time to go. We practically had the place to ourselves for over an hour. Everything felt clean, and there were no kids running around and no crowds. This is the way to do it. We had a blast being big kids for an hour. My favorites were the new Walking Dead interactive game and of course, skee-ball. Of course, I grabbed a sticky hand, pink unicorn and light up lollipop with my earned points, because well, I am an adult.

We worked up quite the appetite after all of those games, and headed right over to The Melt which is conveniently located right next to D&B. If you are looking for some incredible quick and reasonably priced comfort food, look no further. The Melt has great sandwich and burger options, with a variety of sides, handcrafted sodas (seriously, BEST root beer of all time) and shakes. My go-to favorite is the Mac Daddy sandwich (mac-n-cheese grilled cheese with bacon) add avocado. It is the perfect blend of flavors paired with the naked seasoned fries. Seriously, YUM.

At this point, it was time for our location change and we high-tailed it back to the car and made our way to the Happiest Place on Earth, or close to it, Downtown Disney. We headed straight for Trader Sam’s but couldn't find any seats, so Tortilla Jo's was our saving grace as we happened upon their outdoor patio and grabbed a margarita. Gotta love the complimentary chips and salsa too! I will definitely opt for the patio in future visits, especially when the weather is nice, the ambiance out there is so much nicer than sitting indoors! Sitting at Tortilla Jo’s killed just enough time that by the time we went back to Trader Sam’s, we scored a great indoor table. This was the perfect cap to a really fun day. Cool indoor seating at our favorite Tiki Bar, a fun tropical cocktail. I opted for the Krakatoa, which is rum mix and comes with its own full on show inside the bar when you order it – I’m talking yelling, water spraying and lava flowing. Pretty fun.

This truly was the best adventure day for two adults to be a little silly and just enjoy life. Can’t wait to plan the next adventure!

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