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Long Weekend Recap!

It has already been a crazy week and I have no idea what day it is! It's always so hard keeping track when you come back to work on a Tuesday. I'm using my long weekend guide that I posted last week and running down all of the fun things I did during my time off. We had 3 days of rain and one day of sunshine, so stay tuned for my Santa Monica day recap later this week on the blog. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

Cozy up with a good book - CHECK! I grabbed a copy of The Girl on the Train from the library and cozied up with a glass of wine. It also happened to be National Drink Wine Day, so I had to oblige!

Rent a movie - CHECK! We ended up grabbing a couple movies at the library on Saturday morning and made it a Disney marathon day. We opted for The Jungle Book and Pete's Dragon (both of the new remakes) and then watched some other classics that we own. Has anyone else noticed that Pete and Mowgli are like the same character??

Cook a nice meal - CHECK! Homemade three-cheese pepper pizza + homemade butterscotch pudding. Need I say more?

Take a bath - CHECK! This was the first time I've taken a bath in a loooooong time. I cranked up the Disney instrumental playlist on Pandora, cracked open my LUSH bath bomb and rub rub rub shower gel and enjoyed some quiet time. Okay....to be honest, I barely know how to relax so my bath lasted a whole 30 minutes, and I may have been checking emails at times....but it was still fabulous!

Bundle up and take a rainy stroll - DOUBLE CHECK! We embarked on a walk on Saturday morning during the brief 1 hour break from the torrential downpour. We went to our favorite park, Conejo Creek North and walked around to see how the flowing waters in the creek. If you live in the Conejo Valley, this park is a local gem. We come here several times a week to walk. We came back on Monday and ended up walking in the light rain, which was actually so lovely. I'm talking workout clothes, a sweatshirt, hat and just letting the rain fall on your face as you walk. True relaxation in nature. I also took some time to feed the ducks while we were there, which was absolutely hilarious as they ended up following me long after the treats were gone! You better believe I was wearing my glitter rain boots from ASOS!

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