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Rainy Long Weekend Plans

Alright, everyone. It's almost Friday, and this is a long weekend, which means we need some serious relaxation time! In addition, Los Angeles is expecting one of the worst storms of the year coming in overnight tonight and through the whole weekend. Based on this, this eliminates some of my typical ideas for a long-weekend getaway or doing anything overly outdoorsy, so we have to be a bit more creative to maximize our weekend and unwind from our crazy week!

Here are some of my tips to get the most out of your rainy long weekend (check my Instagram feed to see what I end up doing!).

Cozy up with a good book

I’ve always loved to read, but life can definitely get in the way of sneaking in a chapter or two. There is something to say about cozying up under a blanket while it is raining outside with a good book and a warm coffee.

Titles on my list for this weekend:

  • The Girl on the Train

  • The Couple Next Door

Catch up on your favorite shows

I have a crazy, busy day job that I love, but it tends to mean I do other things at night when I get home like working out or spending time with family, rather than catching my favorite shows when they are on. As a result, I usually end up catching up a few days late on most shows. I finally got Apple TV for Christmas, and all I can say is, "where has this been all my life?" Yes, I know I am late to the game, but better late than never. Favorite current shows:

  • This is Us (Favorite new show. Great cast, real life issues, wonderful storytelling)

  • Bones (In it's final season, which is so sad, I've been watching this show for years!)

  • American Housewife (Just. Hilarious.)

  • Modern Family (Always a classic comedy)

Rent a movie

Lately, I haven't had much time to go to the movies and I have had so many movies I have wanted to see! We have an incredible local library that has recent releases for $1 a day, so I tend to check there when I'm picking up a few books. Otherwise, you can rent a movie online with your preferred subscription service.

Play a game

When was the last time you pulled out the game of Life and just enjoyed your time playing a game? I have a whole cabinet of games just begging to be played. Put out some fun snacks, mix up a cocktail, put on some comfy clothes and play!

Cook a nice meal

Take the opportunity to break out a cookbook you haven't opened in a while, or look up a cozy recipe on Pinterest. What better time to take a bit longer to cook something a bit more complicated? Take advantage of your time indoors! I'm thinking of a good corn chowder with chunks of ham and corn. Paired with a good bottle of wine of course. YUM!

Take a bath

Let me start by saying, I rarely do this! I actually can't remember the last time I did. But one of my best friends recently gave me some amazing LUSH products and I have a hot pink bath bomb just begging to be used! So crank up your Disney instrumental playlist, light a few candles (I will be burning one of my new Spireside candles! See them in my post here) and pour yourself a glass of flavored sparkling water, and RELAX.

Bundle up and take a rainy stroll

Alright, it is supposed to rain pretty hard this weekend....but if it lets up for a while, there is something to be said for pulling your

ASOS Glitter Rain Boots out of the closet (YES, I do own these and YES, they are amazing), grabbing an umbrella and heading outdoors for a nice walk. I recommend finding a local park or boardwalk to avoid the mud. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than being outside while it rains. The sound, the smell, the feeling. Then head home and get cozy!

I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend.


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