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Product Feature: Spireside Candles

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today on the blog, I am sharing my absolute favorite candle brand right now - Spireside Candles (formerly Anthology Candles). These are whimsically inspired, custom blended and hand-poured soy candles with all original scents. I found out about Spireside when I received 3 scents as a Christmas gift from a co-worker and quickly realized that not only did they smell great, but they were all Disney inspired! For the Disney lover in me, I was so excited to see what other scents they had to offer. I have been bookmarking the next scents I wanted to purchase, and was gifted 3 new ones today for Valentine's Day! I would highly recommend these as a gift for any Disney/Candle lover or as a gift to yourself! They are nicely packaged and the scents are spot on. Visit their website to check out all of their offerings: www.spireside.com

Seen below:

  • Haunted Manor - Boasting the eerie fragrance of a long-abandoned ghost house full of musty carpets and dusty furnishings.

  • Splash Down - The unmistakable scent of "Disney water" - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SMELLS OF ALL TIME! It transports me to my childhood.

  • The Black Pearl - Exactly what you would imagine a delightfully moldy and mildewy ghost ship floating in the sea in the dead of the night would smell like!

Other scents I own:

  • Main Street Bakery - Like you've stepped into the bakery to the aroma of bold coffee and deliciously sweet cookies.

  • Pineapple Whip - That sentimental, creamy, pineapple-y, deliciousness.

  • Christmas Belle - The quintessential Christmasy scent!

I hope you all have a beautiful day, filled with love. xoxo.

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