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Product Feature: Manolo Dupes.

Typically the most compelling part about buying designer goods is the quality, not the brand name. I have purchased my share of expensive pieces, but have never been able to justify spending $700+ on a pair of shoes. Call me crazy, but I'd rather spend that money in other ways.

I have always loved the chic look of Manolo Blahnik flats, and couldn't take my eyes off the hot pink ones! But alas...the price. I always walked past them in Nordstrom and thought, someday. But then I got to thinking...what is it about the shoes that is so compelling? The look? The color? The brand name?

I realized it was more the overall look and for me, the brand wasn't as relevant. One Saturday evening, I was doing some exploring on Amazon and stumbled upon these shoes that made me do a double take. I did a little research and read the reviews and figured that for the price, it was worth a shot. They arrived a few days later and I was completely blown away with the quality. They are just beautifully made flats. The seller even included individual cloth bags for each shoe and gel inserts! They go in and out of stock, so keep an eye on the site and they should put them back up at some point.

Perfect to pair with simple all black work attire or a fun black sheath dress.

Find them here: Amazon

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