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Product Feature: Worth the Splurge

I am a huge believer in finding good deals when it comes to fashion and beauty products. There is nothing more satisfying than getting an expensive item off season at 75%. However, sometimes, an item comes along that is worth the splurge. Even so, with a little bit of research and shopping around, I have successfully found a few ways to get some designer goods for a fraction of the cost.

Kate Spade Card Holder: SPLURGE

I bought this full price at Nordstrom, but it was still so inexpensive I really didn't mind. I use it daily as I keep my work access card in it.

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Valentino Rockstud Sandals: STEAL

I found these almost identical Valentino rockstud sandal dupes at Missguided online. They arrived and they looked even better than I thought they would for the price! Out of stock, but check back here in the spring/summer!

Kate Spade Wallet: STEAL

My best recommendation when buying a designer purse or wallet is to check out an outlet store first. In my experience, they carry a good selection of off-season merchandise. I happened to be in Carlsbad, CA for business and stopped by the Kate Spade outlet on my way out of town. I snagged this wallet for 60% off and even bought one for my Mom too!

Radley London Satchel: SPLURGE

I have been looking at bags at Radley for quite some time now. They run between $180 and $400 depending on what you're looking for, and I have a lot of handbags, so I didn't feel like spending a huge amount unless it was the right bag. I found this great tote for $189 and ended up finding a first time buyer coupon code to get an additional 15% off. It is a beautiful bag and worth the money! Buy here: Radley London

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