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Los Angeles is a place built on fantasy and glamour so it’s only fitting that Tiki, the most fantastical bar scene in history, started and continues to thrive in the City of Angels. The tropical tiki drink trend is a perennial favorite–but there’s just nothing like sip...


Yes, I've been a little MIA - major work projects, buying a house and planning a wedding will do that to a person! But I want to make a concerted effort to document even more on here in 2019, as so many of you reach out asking about our adventures.

In short, on April 27...


I was so excited when I read about the Squeeze concept early this year, and quickly joined their mailing list for more updates. Once the grand opening was announced, I booked myself a massage for opening day. I opted for the chair massage as I was coming after work and...


I heard about The Green Room on Instagram just a few months ago, and since I just bought a house in Burbank last year, figured this would be the perfect place to host my birthday this year!

We reached out to TGR about a month ago to make arrangements for our large par...


Just dropping in today to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy 2019! 2018 was quite the year for me. It was marked by severe loss and profound joy. In the span of a year, I got engaged to my best friend, closed on the most spectacular home in our dream neighborhoo...


We have been talking for years about going to Enchanted Season of Light at Descanso Gardens, and for some reason or another it never worked out. This year, we were determined to make it happen and we did! I purchased tickets online about a month prior (some days do sel...


What can be said about a restaurant in Southern California that has been around for 96 years?  Opening in 1922, this Scottish restaurant owned by the Lawry's Prime Rib Group actually pre-dates that powerhouse institution. This historic destination was a popular destina...


We stumbled upon Story Tavern about two months ago for the first time for an impromptu date night. I found it on Yelp based on something else we were doing in that area and decided to give it a try since I just recently moved to the Burbank hood. We arrived a little af...


Alright fam - it seems that I keep having major life events happen that have prevented me from dedicating time to the site. I promise that will change, but between getting engaged, wedding planning, opening a major property for work and this latest development, I have...


Surprise, surprise, a blog about a Halloween-themed event, how out of character for me, right??

Let me start by saying that I'm a tough critic of these types of events as I do large scale events for a living, I have been going to Universal Halloween Horror Nights & Knot...

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Sarah Elizabeth

I'm just a girl who works at her dream company, loves adventuring across the gorgeous state of California, and doesn't hold back on her opinions. I am a foodie, fashion lover, Disney obsessed, colorful cocktail kind of gal.

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